Sep 21 2017

VIDEO: Crush Relationship Stress — 10 Habits to Give Up. Habit #2: People Pleasing

People pleasing is a common habit in relationships. It can add internal stress and stress to your relationship in the form of resentment.
Two steps for eliminating this habit:

  • Find the belief you have about people pleasing that is causing you to have those behaviors. “I can’t let anyone down, I can’t disappoint¬†someone.” And replace that belief with the truth. “I am doing the best I can and it is okay to take care of me some of the time.”
  • Pick the behavior you want to have, such as saying “yes” to yourself sometimes.
    Watch the video for the four tips to creating a game plan for success in changing your people pleasing habits. And be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the entire series.
    Remember you can always call me for additional support in reaching these habit changing goals (239) 821-0066.

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