Sue Specializes in Working with Entrepreneurs that are People Pleasers

3 Step Coaching Process

Sue’s unique experience and professional training has led her to develop her unique 3 step process and strategies to help guide you to begin to take charge of your stress in new and healthy ways.


Get new clarity on your situation, obstacles, unhealthy habits, changes that you desire.



Learn to see and understand stress in new ways including the powerful role of the body/mind connection in causing, maintaining, and in conquering stress.



IDENTIFY actions to move you to your goals. Learn to use a Solution Focused Strategy and a Body Reset Strategy as tools to support healthy changes ie to transform unhealthy habits.


Stress related issues common to entrepreneurs:


– Work / life balance
– Stress related health issues
– Personal and professional relationships
– Lack of self care
– Self-doubts
– Chronic resentment and anger
– Juggling many different roles

“It is my life’s purpose to create a world of empowerment with my clients through my experiences and professional training. This world we create provides the strength needed to triumph over challenges and experience being free.”

What Does Working with Sue Look Like?

Sue is living proof that you can weather the storm and find the light of day. She knows that freedom and living powerfully is possible for each client. Her coaching clients are drawn to Sue because her practice is an authentic expression of having been there.

– Confidentiality
– Email support in between sessions
– Coaching relationship that empowers and supports
– Accountability for your goals

“As I work with clients, we create shifts. Just like the domino effect, these shifts build and create new possibilities”

-Sue McDonald

Stress Management Coaching

Physical, Behavioral, Emotional and Mental Transformation

I have extensive experience helping people overcome the impacts of stress. If you are struggling to find ways to cope, you may have already noticed the impact on your relationships or your health. Symptoms of stress commonly occur in four areas: physical, behavioral, emotional and mental.



– headaches
– fatigue
– nausea
– muscle tension
– anxiety attacks


– overeating
– relationship conflict
– alcohol abuse
– crying


– overwhelm
– irritability
– anger
– frustration
– anxiety


– loss of concentration
– poor judgement
– negative thoughts
– lack of interest

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  • Wellness Coach
  • Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor, (LMCH)
  • BA in Psychology
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Session Structure

Sessions are available in the office, by phone or Zoom. My model mainly focuses on 3-6 months of client centered coaching. However, I set no minimums. This allows for the flexibility to work together to create your individualized coaching plan. I meet in person with clients and also offer the flexibility to transition to over the phone coaching if requested.

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Create Your Triumph Today

My stress management coaching strategies are centered around creating change in your life that will allow you to move forward powerfully. This often creates new areas of possibilities in your life that were not before seen. If you are done with “quick fixes” and ready for real and lasting changes, I can help you achieve and sustain the results you have been unable to reach alone.

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Is stress management coaching right for me?

Are you ready to:

-Make changes
-Become more self-aware
-Be honest and open, talk about the hard stuff
-Explore the truth about what is holding you back
-Take responsibility for your life
-Open to hearing honest feedback

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