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Stress Management Coach for Entrepreneurs Who People Please
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Are You a People Pleaser? Is This You?

If you can relate to the below habits, people pleasing may be a major cause of your stress.


– You go go to great lengths to avoid conflict
– You say yes when you want to say no
– You let people take advantage of you… and feel resentful
– You feel responsible for how other people feel 
– You feel guilty or “not nice” when you set a boundary 
– You feel burdened by the things you have to do
– You often feel tense, anxious, or on-edge
– You expect yourself to be perfect and hold yourself to high standards
– You put yourself last and don’t know how to ask for what you need
– You think your feelings, needs, opinions, and ideas aren’t as important as other people’s
– You feel weighed down by worries


If you want to break free from these habits and get control of your stress, Coach Sue is here to help.

Sue specializes in working with entrepreneurs that are people pleasers

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Professionally, I have functioned in both the role of therapist and coach.
As a therapist, I operated as the expert. In my role as a life coach,
you are the expert. I will help you discover what is preventing you from
having the life you desire. Discover the benefits of stress management coaching.

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Sue McDonald


I’ve been there. I am living proof that you can weather the storm and find the light of day. Learn more about how  I have triumphed through my life’s experiences and how this has helped create my unique approach to stress management coaching.

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With over 20 years experience, my unique stress management coaching strategies allow me to be one of the premier life coaches in Southwest Florida. Sessions are available in the office and remotely.


Your Time Is Now

Sue works with entrepreneurs and other individuals so they can conquer stress. She will help you go from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated to feeling calmer and in control. You can live the life you want to live. With Coach Sue you will be able to express your authentic self and get real about the truth. You and I will work together to get your mind and heart on the same page. With a shift in your thinking, you will begin to transform your life and can live with peace inside.


If you are ready to feel better, triumph over your challenges, and experience being free from the constraints of life, I am here for you. You don’t have to wait for the storm to pass to start feeling better. Your time is now.

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  • Wellness Coach
  • Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor, (LMCH)
  • BA in Psychology