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Habit 1: Mind Reading

Mind Reading is an easy habit to fall into. The reality is, no one is a mind reader and expecting your partner to be one or thinking you are one can create strain.


Habit 2: People Pleasing

People Pleasing is caused when you don’t say no to your partner. It can cause resentment towards yourself and your partner which creates relationship stress as well as internal stress. Sue provides two essential steps for letting go of your people pleasing habits.


Habit 3: Making Your Partner Wrong

Making Your Partner Wrong is an easy habit to fall into. This is draining you of your energy and causing resentment in your relationship. Is being ‘right’ so important? Follow Sue’s four-step exercise to rid yourself of this habit.


Habit 4: Digging Up the Past

Digging Up the Past is something we all do. Bringing up past behavior that hurt you punishes your partner repeatedly. If it becomes a regular habit it can harm your body and mind, it disconnects you from your partner, it robs you from the present good times, and it keeps your relationship stuck in the past. Watch our tips for giving up this bad habit.


Habit 5: Being Plugged Into Your Phone

Being Plugged Into Your Phone can cause a great divide between you and your partner. It can resentment and disconnect, but Sue’s offers three steps for interrupting the phone disruption in your relationship.

Habit 6: Trying to Change Your Partner

Trying to change your partner can cause major relationship issues. Get connected to the impact of this behavior as well as the ways it can backfire. See useful tips for other ways to handle this behavior.

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Sue McDonald works with clients that are struggling with stresses from a wide range of life challenges and transitions that include:

  • Balancing the demands of multiple roles ie. job, spouse, parents, volunteer, household, finding time for yourself
  • Divorce
  • Blended families
  • Stress related health conditions
  • Loss of spouse
  • Care giving responsibilities and life balance
  • Aging parents
  • Retirement issues
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I have been there too. For your individualized concerns, having someone in your court who understands the depth and breadth of life’s challenges and who has triumphed; brings an impassioned understanding and real life effectiveness to my Stress Management Coaching strategies.

Sue’s years of experience make her one of the premier coaches in Naples.

  • Health & Wellness Coach
  • Master of Science, Mental Health Counseling
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor

When Sue isn’t working one-on-one with her clientele, you can find her doing a variety of activities.  Her favorite ways of taking care of her body and mind are through healthy eating. relaxation exercises, yoga, meditation, crossfit, walking, bike riding, SUP and swimming.

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Stress Management Coaching with Sue McDonald will empower you to see new possibilities and live the life you deserve.


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