Apr 20 2017

Stressing Over Uncertainty? Two Steps to Forming a New Habit

Are you struggling with uncertainty about something in your life that’s out of your control? Does your mind get stuck in the trap of worry…waiting on a verdict, a medical diagnosis, a big sale, someone’s behavior, an upcoming conversation, etc? I have found the following two-step strategy to be most helpful:

1. Choose Acceptance: Intentionally, choose to stop resisting/stressing/obsessing about what’s out of your control and accept the facts as they are, even if they are not what you want. It’s a choice.

For many people, it becomes a habit to obsess and stress. And although habits are hard to change, we can change most any habit. Resisting may lead to procrastination, physical symptoms, internal conflict, external conflict, negativity, and anxiety all of which are unhelpful. Don’t resist the truth of the way things are, especially when you can’t change those things.

2. Refocus: Choose to refocus on what is in your control. Focus on what you are grateful for and things you CAN do in the face of the uncertainty. Refocusing can be a challenge, but stressing/obsessing over something you cannot do anything about is worse in the long run.

Did you know? Our brains naturally WANT certainty. We want to know what will happen next as part of our basic instinctual survival skills. We naturally seek a solution to problems. So it can feel unnatural and even wrong to choose to accept uncertainty. But it is not. Choosing to break out of the old way (obsessing) will feel uncomfortable, but is worth the effort for changing your habitual reaction to life events.

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