Jun 20 2017

Micro-Habits: A Great Tool for Starting New Habits & Achieving Big Goals

Sometimes, achieving a new goal, gaining a new skill, or creating a new habit can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you fit it into your busy day?
Try using micro-habits to help you get started. A micro-habit is just a baby step in the direction of your goal.
Micro-habits work because they take that monumental accomplishment or new habit and break it down into bite-sized chunks that you can’t make excuses for not doing. For example, if your goal is to get control of your stress at work, a first step may be to take three slow, deep, focused breaths every day when you first sit down at your desk and before you fire up the computer. By working the new habit into a current routine (ie: sitting at your desk) you are reminded of the habit, making the task easy to remember and develop into a new habit.
The tactic works for learning a new skill, breaking an old habit, or improving any area of your life. What will you use micro-habits to accomplish?
For more on how to use micro-habits to accomplish your professional and personal goals, check out the original story at CNBC.

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